Life at Gill International Pre-School (GIPS) is centered around providing a high-quality, individualized education that helps children develop into creative, confident, successful, and independent learners. The school combines local and international teaching methods, with a focus on building a strong academic foundation in math, literacy, and creative development.

In addition to a strong academic foundation, GIPS places a strong emphasis on values such as respect and tolerance, confidence and independence, and teamwork. The school incorporates a Christian perspective into its curriculum and teachings, and works to integrate faith into every aspect of a child's development.

GIPS has small class sizes which allows for more personalized attention and support for each child. The school is committed to creating a safe and supportive learning environment for all of its students.

The school offers a range of classes for children aged 1-6, including play group, toddlers, nursery, and reception. These classes are designed to support children's development and learning at each stage of their early years, with a wide range of activities and learning experiences that encourage creativity, coordination, and interaction with others.

Overall, school life at GIPS is focused on helping children develop a strong foundation for their future success and supporting their holistic development as individuals. The school's commitment to individualized education, strong values, and a safe and supportive learning environment make it a unique and valuable learning experience for children.