Daycare, also known as playgroup, is an important part of early childhood education and plays a crucial role in helping young children develop essential skills and knowledge. At Gill International Pre-School (GIPS), the daycare curriculum is carefully designed to support the development and learning of children in the 1-2 year age range.

The daycare curriculum at GIPS is centered around a range of activities that help children learn and recognize the environment around them. These activities may include playing, painting, coloring, and interacting with others, among others. Through these activities, children are able to explore their surroundings, develop their creativity, and practice important skills such as fine motor skills and problem-solving.

In addition to these activities, the daycare curriculum at GIPS also includes elements of the Ugandan learning framework for early childhood development and the British Early Year's Foundation Stage (EYFS). This helps to ensure that children are exposed to a well-rounded and internationally recognized educational experience.

Overall, the daycare curriculum at GIPS is designed to support the development and learning of young children in a safe and supportive environment. The school's small class sizes and low teacher-to-student ratio (1:5) allow for personalized attention and support for each child, helping them to thrive and reach their full potential.